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Executive's Secret Weapons

The king is the man who can - Thomas Carlyle
When you look at the top global businesses, Wal-Mart always ends up in the list somewhere, and normally near the top. Most people know that it uses a fairly advanced business model to maintain its reign over the consumer markets, but only a few know how “advanced” their model is.

You see, Sam Walden had an interesting background and some equally interesting friends. During World War II, he served as a lieutenant and then captain in U.S. Army Intelligence. His duty was supervising security for aircraft plants and Prisoner of War camps in California, and other locations—an intelligence background far above what you would expect for the normal soldier of the time - and an excellent enhancement to his degree in economics.

When Sam needed more managers for his new locations, he recruited from his peers that had retired from Army Intelligence, thus increasing the scale of intelligence operatives within his organization and accommodating a wider net of coverage nationally. Their training allowed them all to communicate critical market intelligence among the executive management team and apply it toward the corporate goal.

Compare this to your company’s executive team. Most companies have a collection of people with diverse professional training and no training on how to communicate valuable “intelligence” among them. They have no awareness of what competitors know about them individually or as a group and focus on “just keeping their jobs” instead of being focused on an “organizational goal” as the unifying daily motivation. The result is poor performance and vulnerability to hostile competitors. The proof is clearly shown in the results of Wal-Mart where workers are scheduled for 28 hours or less and receive minimal or no benefits while Wal-Mart’s competitors are destroyed systematically. Intelligence works when it is applied to business objectives.

What could you do if you had the ultimate corporate intelligence operative working under you? Army Intelligence graduates are trained thoroughly enough. In fact, all of our military intelligence schools produce fine graduates, as does our letter organizations training colleges (CIA/FBI/NSA …)

The biggest problem that those schools face is funding. They produce high volumes of trained personnel, each focused on its national operational objectives. But there is another kind of “school” that exists – one that gets its funds from the world’s wealthiest families and their corporations. This “other” school has access to uncommon research, technologies and training. Leading edge training and sciences that national agencies will not even hear about for decades. Where our letter organizations’ schools focus on process and method, the “other school” focuses on mind and human sciences. Sure, we also learn the intelligence process and same things that our government trained counterparts learn, only we learn the process from a advanced psychological perspective.

So, what could you do with one of these graduates from that “other school” working for you? You would be joining a society of the most powerful men and women on the planet. When you turn this power loose inside your company, you can develop one of the most successful teams of executives in the world. When you expand your “unfair advantage” even further, your company becomes a treasure chest for its investors – one you control. Competitors fall before you because of your secret weapons.

These “other school” graduates are called “Dark Lords”. They work for you but normally are more of a “shadow employee” – are on your company payroll, has executive access and is known by your executives as a “consultant”. They are sometimes known by their “cryponyms” (spy names) and report directly to you.

They run your “Mind Slayers” (inside employee spies) and intelligence operations. You receive Intelligence reports (IR) and can direct them to support company goals. They are your secret tools and they exist solely to increase the prosperity of your organization. Dark Lords and Mind Slayers are trained off-site and as part of their training, they receive instruction on how to create an invisible and cohesive intelligence function.

With the advances of Internet technology, your Dark Lord can interact with your staff and yourself without even coming into the company – preserving his cover and reducing employee curiosity. Video teleconferences, instant messaging and cryptography have all come a long way in the last few decades. Now, a lap-top computer can provide a complete intelligence platform. Skype and Microsoft Messenger provide a comprehensive computer-to-computer communications platform over the Internet (thus completely mobile).

Advancements in digital camera technology and software enable field intelligence reporting well beyond the dreams of our CIA during the cold war. Our ability to build presentations and interactive documents have advanced technology reporting (Tech briefs [TB] and Technology Transfer Packages [TTP]) to a point where both technical and non-technical employee resources are able to utilize the information immediately upon receipt.

If your company makes more than $300,000 in revenue a year, you can bet that one of your competitors are using corporate intelligence to monitor you. You are considered “low hanging fruit”. If you make less than $300,000 in revenue, you are called “pigs – they squeal all the way to the slaughter “, in corporate intelligence terms. If that makes you nervous, then you are a very smart executive. If it doesn’t make you nervous, then your days are numbered.
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